About me

About me ... well, what do I write here now?

Mein Name ist Johannes Przymusinski, ich bin 20 Jahre alt und mache so IT-Zeug?

Thats the default text, everybody writes ... but to be honest - it's not that bad ... but also boring right?

Lets start at the beginning :-)

I started with IT back when i was 12 or 13 years old and I want to setup a Minecraft-Server for me and my friends. What should I say? It didn't worked.
There was a batch file which didn't function as expected and I though i need to learn programming to understand and fix this error.

and thats where it all started. Let me speed up the next view year a bit for you. I started with Java, bought a book and didn't understand it. The next book I got was about Java and BlueJ and was way better and it made a lot of fun playing around with it. Nevertheless i lost the joy about working with Java and came to Python. At some point I wanted to play around with GUIs which wasn't easy with TKinter and PyQT with only code. That how I made it to CSharp and dotNet. I head they have a graphical editor for user interfaces đŸ˜±.
There i got stuck for native Windows applications until today.

About a year before i started my education as a web-developer, I started building a website for a Minecraft-Server i was building with a friend (yes at some point the installation worked - without the error :-) ). There i fall into PHP for the first time. What I've seen as "the strange thing thats in my HTML" now got my primary tool for web-development.

In September 2017 I started my apprenticeship as IT specialist for application development at the computer center of the University of Regensburg, which I will probably complete in July 2020.
During my apprenticeship, I worked extensively on web development based on PHP and HTML5 / CSS3 / ES6.